About us

Aquacut Limited based in Cheshire, North West England was formed in the 1990’s to explore using waterjet technology to serve the building industry.  The company has gone from strength to strength and has a firm following of many loyal clients.

Over the years we have invested in purpose made machinery and added value services to provide a unique range of services which are valued by our discerning customers.  Our work is installed in premises around the world and in the buildings of some well known names such as; Audi, Bentley, BMW, Christian Dior, FCUK, Harrods, Land Rover, Nissan, River Island, Seat, Selfridges, Schuh, St Pauls Cathedral, a large number of local authorities, food and coffee shops, offices and domestic homes.

Aquacut has three core attributes we work hard at; any contact with our clients should be an enjoyable, and professional experience; the work we do is of a high standard; and our packaging is fit for purpose to ensure our work gets to site in good shape.

Bullnose edges

Bullnosing is one of a number of services we provide.  The company has invested in state of the art equipment to enable it to undertake those large jobs in  cost-effective manner but has also retained the talented artisans who are able to create delightful bespoke edges in some challenging shapes.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you wish to discuss any projects you are working on.  We’d be delighted to hear from you; over the years we have solved many problems for our clients.

For a video of our bullnose machine in action follow the link;   https://youtu.be/rGPf1XQOzic

Bullnose edges are used in a variety of building applications;

Step treads


Swimming pools

Vanity units

Building corners

Window cills

Hand made furniture cladding

Work tops

Eased bullnose edge on porcelain step treads, note K-Grip anti-slip resin
Marble step treads with full bullnose
Typical step tread construction with arris edge bullnose
Eased bullnose profile on porcelain steps
Close up of polished full bullnose in 30mm marble
Granite vanity unity with full bullnose on the front and eased bullnose profile on splashback and sink cut out