Hand finished edges

Aquacut produced vanity unit
Travertine double sink vanity unit


Marble sink cut out with eased bullnose edge given final polish
Final bullnose edge polish






Bullnose edge on a unique profile
Pencil round edge on this vanity top by hand held tools


While our automated edging machines are great for bullnosing larger volumes of straight edges, more complex or rounded shapes need to be edged in our purpose-built wet-room. For those bespoke or rounded shapes, our craftsmen use a variety of hand-held tools to get into those awkward corners and give a perfect finish.

By offering the choice between automated and bespoke bullnosing we are able to cover most demands.

We can often replicate replacement pieces that clients have been unable to source elsewhere, even from the original supplier.  Working from a sample as a template, we can usually create a suitable replacement.