Bullnosing for a really smart finish

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A really smart finish on tiles and stone up to 30mm thick can now be achieved with Aquacut’s new bullnosing and grooving machinery – this is the perfect and most cost effective way of giving your worktops, step and stair edges, skirtings and pool edgings a sophisticated look without having to have tiles specially made. Aquacut’s new equipment reduces the time taken to put either a full or demi bullnose on materials by 75% and different levels of polish can easily be applied depending on your application and the materials involved.

4 thoughts on “Bullnosing for a really smart finish

  1. Note of caution on bullnose – we have been surprised once when the bullnose came in and the finished edge was painted and looked awful. We now ask to see a piece before we order and if the tile shop does not have one in stock, we ask them to order a sample before the order is placed.

    1. Thanks for this Jeremy – sounds as if they tried to cover up some defects with paint – not something we would ever do!

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