Bullnosing made easy with Aquacut

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Demand for Aquacut’s new bullnosing and polishing machines has far outstripped even owner, Stuart Middleton’s, wildest dreams.  “I was expecting around 50% time usage on the machines but we are currently running at 85% of capacity as customers reap the benefits of having bullnosed or mitred tiles sent direct to site rather than having them fettled immediately before fitting”

The machines can create all types of bullnoses and mitres in all materials up to 30mm thick – full, half or quarter bullnoses, pencil edges and sharp mitres are all achievable and the machines are designed to allow quick head changes for customers requiring a variety of finishes.

“Customers are now advance booking for projects running into next year and a further machine is anticipated shortly to keep up with demand” says Stuart.

Full polished bullnosed edge
Complex marble step with full bullnose

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