Bullnosing and waterjet cutting for a great finish to bathroom and kitchen worktops and vanity units

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All sorts of bullnoses are available from full to demi and pencil edges – Aquacut also offer a range of finishes from a basic smooth to a mirror polish.  This piece shows a combination of treatments by Aquacut – the tile is for a conservatory where various pipes and taps are required for heat and watering – the tiles were first waterjet cut to size and with the holes for the pipework – they were then presented to the bullnosing machine (in this case along two edges) and then hand finished with a demi polish and to remove any sharp edges.  The installer told his client that all the pieces were “spot on” and that he didn’t have to do any “fettling” to make pieces fit.  The pipework was bonded into the tiles with a rubbery agent to allow for expansion of the heating pipes.  All in all 27 bespoke pieces were created by Aquacut to create a unique installation which demonstrated all the techniques Aquacut bring to water jet cutting, bullnosing, polishing and finishing.stone tile waterjet cut and bullnosed at aquacut


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